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Cadastral Template A Worldwide Comparison of Cadastal Systems
FAO Food and Agricultural Organization – Land Tenure
FIABCI International Real Estate Federation
Landcoalition International Land Coalition
UN United Nations
UN ECE Working Party on Land Administration
UN Habitat Best Practises Database
UN Habitat Land Tenure
GLTN Global Land Tool Network
World Bank The World Bank Group
FIG International Federation of Surveyors
FIG Commission 1 Professional Standards & Practice 
FIG Commission 2 Professional Education
FIG Commission 3 Spatial Information Management
FIG Commission 4 Hydrography
FIG Commission 5 Positioning and Measurement
FIG Commission 6 Engineering Surveys
FIG Commission 7 Cadastre and Land Management
FIG Commission 8 Spatial Planning & Development
FIG Commission 9 Valuation and the Management of Real Estate
FIG Commission 10 Construction Economics and Management


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