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Comparing European cadastres : methodological questions
Frank, Andrew U.
Event: FIG COST Workshop on Standardization in the Cadastral Domain
Stubkjaer suggested a few years ago that we should systematically investigate this question. Not only to resolve the Olympicc international competition but also as an aide to the countries in transition which all have to create methods to organize administration of land ownership in registries and should be informed about efficient and less efficient solutions. The original goal of the action under the social science program of COST was set somewhat more general and used a broader perspective focusing on the real-estate market that is served by land registration. The main objective of the COST action G7 is to improve the transparency of real property markets and to provide a stronger basis for the reduction of costs of real property transactions by preparing a set of models of real property transactions, and then assessing the economic efficiency of these transactions. For selected European countries a comparative analysis of the economic efficiency of transactions involved in the transfer of property rights will be presented, supplemented by an exploratory analysis of relations between transaction costs and national practices regarding land management, education and governance (Stubkjaer 2001).
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