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Directions in modeling land registration and cadastre domain : aspects of EULIS glossary approach, semantics and information services
Tiainen, Esa
Event: FIG COST Workshop on Standardization in the Cadastral Domain
Experiences and lessons from the EULIS Project show that semantic modeling or standardization in land register and cadastral domain is possible to and should be based on real world functions. For carrying this through focus should be shifted more on services representing the real world context, instead of information contents and systems that only reflect the real world. Ontology explication and semantic translators can be used as surrogates to connect the existing systems to the ICT infrastructure related. A roadmap to this with quality assurance by quality labeling has been outlined, detailing the harmonization-standardization process. The structuring process is naturalistic aiming to common sensee terms in terminology standardization and by measuring the quality against user needs, and maybe slightly heuristic searching for most likely choices of the information community. As for cadastre, it may be stated that the legal aspects make up the 5th dimension in the information system domain. Another initiative for cadastral domain, and EULIS, is mapping the trustworthiness and matching the criteria for quality certification labels as detailed.
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