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Expanding the legal / administrative package of the cadastral domain model : from grey to yellow?
Zevenbergen, Jaap
Event: FIG COST Workshop on Standardization in the Cadastral Domain
In version 3.0 of the cadastral domain model (Lemmen et al, 2003) we did not elaborate the legal/administrative package very much. We treated the class RightOrRestriction as an association class between Person and RealEstateObject, both of which are unpackedd by making them abstract classes with specialization classes in their respective packages. In this paper some first ideas on how to expand the legal/administrative side of the model are presented. Firstly this is done through no longer treating the class RightOrRestriction as an association class, but putting it in between Person and RealEstateObject. Secondly more attention is given to rights and restrictions that have no direct relation to a person, but where the prime beneficiaries are one or more other RealEstateObjects or are not clearly identifiable. Thirdly RightOrRestriction is made into an abstract class with specialization classes within its package. Attention is paid to the questoin whether derived rights have to be registered as restrictions to one person or as rights to another person. Fourthly a third RR (of Responsibilities) is added. Finally it is suggested that certain specializations of RightOrRestriction always coincide with certain specializations of RealEstateObject, and that another way of packaging (only showing such a combination) would be very useful. More work on, and actual UML modeling of, these first ideas will follow soon.
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