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Assssment of the core cadastral domain model from a cadastre 2014 : point of view
Kaufmann, Jurg
Event: FIG COST Workshop on Standardization in the Cadastral Domain
On the basis of a comparison of the statements of the two papers 'A modular standard for the Cadastral Domain' [Lemmen et al., 2003] and Cadastre 2014 [Kaufmann, Steudler, 1998] the commonalities and differences between the two approaches are analysed. The result is that there is consensus in view of the importance and usefulness of the standardization of cadastral data with the help of data models and in view of the necessity to have models as transparent and simple as possible. Differences exist on the level of the concepts. While the Core Cadastral Domain Model follows in principle the traditional 'parcel-centric' approach and tries to open it, Cadastre 2014 stipulates a totally new cadastral system, which might be called 'land object-centric'. A parcel is one certain appearance of a land object. Cadastre 2014 aims at completeness of the legal information on land. The land object approach makes this possible because a simple model results. The conceptual background of the Core Cadastral Domain Model at the moment needs complex objects to be able to create a correct real property based model. This approach tends to be complex. This means, that the concepts differ despite both approaches are much in favor of modeling and standardization. So first a discussion on the concepts or the development of an ontology is necessary to resolve the communication problems. So it is recommended to go on with an open-minded and precise ontology discussion, taking into consideration the efficiency of the possible solutions.
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