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Remarks and observations related to the further development of the core cadastral domain model
Oosterom, Peter van, Christiaan Lemmen & Paul van der Molen
Event: FIG COST Workshop on Standardization in the Cadastral Domain
In this paper a series of remarks and observations is presented on the Cadastral Domain Model as published at Digital Earthh in Brno 2003, see Lemmen, et al (2003). A substantial part of those remarks and observations is based on the presentations and discussions of the Expert Group Meeting on secure land tenure (new legal frameworks and tools), held in the Nairobi, Kenya, 11-12 November 2004. This meeting has been organised by FIG Commission 7, Cadastre and Land Managementt in close co-operation with UN HABITAT and the Institution of Surveyors in Kenya. Earlier versions of the Core Cadastral Domain Model, have been developed on the basis of experiences in Europe, the Nairobi meeting provides input from developing countries. The requirements resulting from this input is analysed with respect to the impact on the core cadastral domain model. It is first discussed what should be considered the scope of the core cadastral model. There is a tendency to include more and more object types and relationships in the model as these are somehow related to the objects in the current model. However, is it better to demarcate the model and develop other core models for the related objects (which can then be accessed via well-defined interfaces of the Geo-Information Infrastructure). The requirements that do fall within the scope of the model are translated into proposals for the new version of the core cadastral model. Finally, the paper is concluded with some final remarks and suggestions to create a new version of the model.
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