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Swiss cadastral core data model : experiences of the last 15 years
Steudler, Daniel
Event: FIG COST Workshop on Standardization in the Cadastral Domain
In Switzerland, the need for a standardized data exchange format for cadastral data has already been expressed in 1987. The requirement for a clearly defined data model that can be adaptated in flexible ways leads to the concept of a specific data description language, with which the whole cadastral core data model was defined. The data description language was named INTERLIS, while the data model for cadastral surveying became known as AV93, enacted in 1993 with a Federal ordinance. The requirements for the core data model as well as the data description language evolved since. INTERLIS has been complemented and became INTERLIS2 in 2003. In 2004, a new revised core data model has been adopted, taking many of the discovered drawbacks into account. The revised core data model was named DM.01. The concept of the data description language INTERLIS is very similar to the GML/XML concept that is in full development on the international level. This paper describes the experiences made with INTERLIS and the cadastral core data model in Switzerland over the last 15 years with the perspective of possible lessons learnt that might support international developments. The paper also includes two case studies illustrating the practical applications.
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