Welcome to OICRF


Welcome to the International Office of Cadastre and Land Records (OICRF).
OICRF is a study and documentation centre for cadastre, land administration and affiliated fields of interest.
You can search our database for articles and papers on legal, administrative, organisational and institutional matters concerning cadastre and land administration.
For each article the items ´title´, ´author name(s)´, ´abstract´ and ´keywords´ are included in OICRFs database. If you know (part of) the contents of one or more of these items, you can apply a search on it.
Abstract Abstract is a short description of the document.
Keyword Documents can be linked to one ore more keywords, which reflect its content.
Title The title of the document as it is registered in the OICRF document database.
Author The author is registered as listed on the document.
Language  This is the language the document is written in.
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