CASCADOSS : an SDI focused OSS project and related initiatives

Podolscak, Adam & Geza Juhasz

The CASCADOSS Project was implemented between 2007-2009 with the financial support of the Sixth Framework Programme priority Identification of New Methods of Promoting and Encouraging Transnational Technology Transfer. The CASCCADOSS name stands for Development of a trans-national cascade training programme on Open Source GIS&RS Software for environmental applicationss The goal of this project was to encourage geospatial end-users, to use OSS for accessing SDI with a special focus on GMES services. The principal target groups of the project were the geospatial end-users from Central and Eastern Member states. The adoption of OSS in these countries is a topic of particular interest while this will reduce licensing costs and will promote indigenous technological development. The member of the project consortium were Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, GISAT s.r.o., Checz Republic, Compet- Terra Bt., Hungary, Environmental Information Centre UNEP/GRID Warsaw, Poland. The project developed a legal study to understand the OSS licenses, a study on the OSS business models to familiarize users with the marketing nature of OSS products and services, reviewed the most important GIS and RS OSS products mirroring the early 2009 situation, elaborated an evaluation methodology to support the end users in selecting products to their needs and held 8 International and National events for training and know how transfer. This presentation will introduce the CASCADOSS project, its methodology and its publicly available deliverables, the impact on the Hungarian GI society and some initiatives to continue this project in South East Europe.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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