Development and implementation of new IT system for real estate cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia

Fajfar, Dusan et al.

This paper presents development and implementation of new IT system for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia. The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Skopje (former State Authority for Geodetic Works, Republic of Macedonia) is an individual state body in charge of conducting the geodetic works and registering the real estate rights. According to the strategic business plan and Information and Communication Technology Strategy the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre started the project for new IT system for Real Estate Cadastre in 2007. The primary goal of this new system was to develop efficient system for registration of technical and legal (ownership, rights) information about real estates. The old Real Estate Registry system was very outdated, technologically very limited (based on file system) and it covered only the descriptive Cadastral and Real Estate Rights data. Not only that the new Real Estate Cadastre system is developed on modern technology based on central Oracle database and WEB Java application but also with the workflow system supporting registration procedures for maintenance of Real Estate Cadastre data. The development of the new Real Estate Cadastre system started in January 2008 and finished in May 2009 including 6 month intensive testing of the system by the project implementation group established specially for this purpose from the side of Agency for Real Estate Cadastre. Also intensive training for the end users was done with special attention to the front-desk users that works with customers. At the end of the project the extensive acceptance test was made; more than 300 different procedures covered almost all possible cases, taken from the current production, were done. Test was executed by the end users from all departments that participate in the process of Real Estate Cadastre data maintenance and data issue. From May 2009 the system is in the phase of test production where all procedures for limited number of cadastral units are performed parallel in old and new system. The results are very good, so the plan is to start production on whole territory of sector Skopje with the June 1st of 2010.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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