Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration and the Framework for Effective Land Administration in Chad

Eva-Maria Unger, Rohan Bennett, Mahamat Abdoulay Malloum, Christelle van den Berg, Claudia Stöcker, Kaspar Kundert, Dina Naguib, Markus Koper, Divyani Kohli, Mila Koeva

FIG Working Week 2023

The Republic of Chad's land administration system faces many challenges related to the implementation and management of its conventional surveying, mapping, and recording approaches. This situation results in land conflicts, non-productivity of agricultural land, uncontrolled urban development and hinders Chad's development more generally. As in other Francophone countries in Africa, Chad's land legislation dates back to 1967 and the body of law is poorly applied. This is reflected in the resurgence of land conflicts in both urban and rural areas and is also reflected in the low number of existing land titles. The paper outlines the findings and conclusions of the 'Improving Land Administration in Chad' project, that a team of the international arm of Netherlands' Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency, SmartLandMaps, Esri North Africa and Trimble together with the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Housing Development and Urban Planning (MATHU) conducted in N'Djamena, Chad. There the Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration approach was applied to demonstrate practical ways to increase tenure security in the country. To take this case study further the Framework for Effective Land Administration is used to identify key issues to be addressed in future implementations. The paper is divided into six parts. First a short introduction on the context of Chad is provided. Second a brief overview of the methodologies used is presented. Third, an outline of the activities that were conducted in the case study are described, which is followed by an overview of the different methodologies demonstrated in Chad. This overview then leads into an analysis that is using the Framework for Effective Land Administration to identify key issues that can guide further piloting in Chad. This is followed by a short conclusion summarising the main takeaways.

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