Hellenic mapping and cadastral organization GIS portal : towards Greek SDI

Vakkas, Theodorus et al.

In this paper the development of the Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organizationns (HEMCOOs) GIS portal in conjunction with the creation of the Greek Spatial Data Infrastructure is discussed. HEMCO is a state organization under the auspices of the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, owning a massive amount of geospatial data. Moreover, HEMCO is now officially responsible for monitoring and implementing Inspire Directive in Greece. Although Greek SDIIs development is at an initial state at the moment, HEMCO took some initial actions in order to conform to the INSPIRE Directive and published its available spatial data through this new portal. In the context of a large scale project regarding the implementation of an Integrated Information System for managing and publishing geospatial data, Organization succeeded in creating a scalable infrastructure, introducing innovative functionality features, fulfilling at the same time INSPIRE requirements as regards the availability of metadata for spatial data and the availability of some basic network services. The implementation of the portal included digitization of more than 100,000 datasets, creation of approximately 500,000 metadata files and publishing through a geoportal with viewing and ordering capabilities. Also, customized software was implemented for metadata creation and manipulation within the portal's database. Future developments will include a full scale INSPIRE portal implementation which will be the center node of the Greek SDI.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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