How to bring housing at the centre of urban policies in Peru?

Farid Matuk, Luis Triveño

The New Urban Agenda (NUA) proposes to bring Housing at the Centre shifting the focus from simply building houses to an approach where housing plays a key role in achieving urban sustainable development. The existing government’s strategy, programs and budget in Peru are inadequate to the achievement of the goals of the NUA. In this paper we propose an operational definition of housing deficit that could help housing policies to increase its efficacy and efficiency. We do so by using the National Household Surveys from 2001-2016. With this information base, we have been able (i) to characterize the process of housing improvement and assess the importance of the State intervention on it and (ii) to identify the proportion in which the increase in real income during the period contributed to housing improvement. We conclude with recommendations of how to improve the design, targeting and implementation of housing programs in Peru.

Event: Land Governance in an Interconnected World_Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty_2018

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