IMPROVEMENT of cadastral maps in CROATIA


About the homogenization as a method for cadastral maps of graphic survey improvement in the Republic of Croatia several projects and studies has been conducted, a lot of expert papers were published, but the
implementation of the improvement has not yet occurred.
In this project based on the analyses carried out, it was necessary to fulfill the existing methodology and
create needed technical solutions.
The final solution of the new homogenization methodology uses three types of transformation parameters,
and these are: the identical points for homogenization, measured points from existing geodetic records,
and the boundaries of isolated areas at places of discontinuity of spatial data (constraints).
The results of new approach are much better as expected and they are strong reason to begin the implementation of the homogenization process as a systematic process.

Event: Land Governance in an Interconnected World_Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty_2018

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