Institutional and quality condition of the cadastral survey credibility

Klimek, Adam ... [et al.].

The notion of cadastral survey in Poland is nowadays commonly associated with a certain kind of tax on property, called cadastral tax. However, such an opinion, widely publicized in the media, is false in its nature. As a matter of fact, cadastre is an official list of inventory for a specific area including plots, buildings, and other objects which are closely connected with the ground. The main feature of cadastral survey which makes it different from other official register and records, is the fact that the objects of this register are presented on a map. Therefore, the cadastre of plots is simply a list of plots pictured on a map, cadastre of buildings a list of buildings pictured on a map, and for instance water cadastre a list of rivers, lakes and other water objects pictured on a map. Using the word cadastre further we will have in mind cadastral survey.

Event: 2nd Cadastral Congress

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