MALAWI ECONOMIC MONITOR-LAND FOR INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT:Fiscal and productivity losses from inaccurate land rights in Malawi

Klaus Deininger

This edition of the Malawi Economic Monitor was prepared by Priscilla Kandoole (Country Economist); Richard Record (Lead Economist); Klaus Deininger (Lead Economist); Sunganani Kalemba (Consultant); Ellie Stylianou (Consultant), Efrem Chilima (Senior Private Sector Specialist) and Linly Kufeyani (Intern). Christine Huemesser (Economist); Time Fatch (Senior Agriculture Economist); Geoffrey Magwede (Director of Railway Services, Ministry of Transport and Public Works) and Chikumbutso Mpando (Economist, Ministry of Transport and Public Works) provided additional contributions. Abebe Adugna (Practice Manager, Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management); Gregory Toulmin (Country Manager, Malawi) and Bella Bird (Country Director, Malawi) provided overall guidance. The team wishes to thank Yutaka Yoshino (Program Leader); Andre Bald (Program Leader) and William Battaile (Lead Economist); peer reviewers Aghassi Mkrtchyan (Senior Country Economist) and Peter Goodman (Senior Agriculture Economist) as well as James Seward (Practice Manager, Finance and Markets); Robin Mearns (Practice Manager, Social Development); Steven Michael Pennings (Research Economist) and Jorge Luis Guzman Correa (Consultant) for their constructive input. This report benefited from fruitful discussions with, and comments and information provided by representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development; the Reserve Bank of Malawi; the National Statistical Office; the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development; the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development; the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; the Malawi Revenue Authority; and a number of other government ministries, departments and agencies. The team would also like to thank representatives of the private sector in Lilongwe and Blantyre for their helpful contributions. Zeria Banda (Communications Officer) and Tinyade Kumsinda (Team Assistant) provided assistance with external communications, design and additional production support. Irfan Kortschak (Consultant) provided editorial support. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Bank’s Executive Directors or the countries they represent. The report is based on information current as of October 2017. The World Bank team welcomes feedback on the structure and content of the Malawi Economic Monitor. Please send comments to Richard Record ( and/or Priscilla Kandoole ( Cover Photo Credit: Illovo Malawi, featuring an aerial view of part of Illovo Malawi’s Dwangwa Sugar Estate showing the sugar mill, warehouses and cane fields, with Ethanol Company Limited at the back of the warehouses. Cover Design: Deguzman Kaminjolo, Hi Resolution Graphix, Blantyre.

Event: Land Governance in an Interconnected World_Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty_2018

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