Megatrends shaping the future cadastral systems

Kirsikka Reikkinen, Pauliina Krigsholm

Many wide-reaching global level changes such as digitalization and urbanization are taking place in a modern society. In order to maintain a fully functioning cadastral system, these changes and especially their impacts on cadastral systems need to be noticed. This paper discusses the cadastral systems with the assumptions that megatrends are shaping the future of our society. We examine the relevant megatrends and their anticipated impacts identified by an expert panel in the context of the Finnish cadastral system. The most significant megatrends to be further analyzed are digital culture, ubiquitous intelligence, increasing trend in transparency, accessibility and open data, urbanization, business ecosystems, new patterns of mobility, global risk society and knowledge-based economy. After that, we reflect the megatrends to interviews made with international experts and discuss the anticipated impacts on the cadastral systems at a global scale.

Event: Land Governance in an Interconnected World_Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty_2018

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