Multipurpose land information systems : an Albanian perspective

Nikolli, Pal et al.

The need for more, better, and integrated land information and the availability of technology to meet this need, have set the stage for the development of Multipurpose Land Information Systems (MPLIS). In the paper we note that the cadastral maps being produced in Albania would be part of the graphic material of an MPLIS and the property register information (such as registry books, tapi, etc) would be included as part of the attribute record in text form. The MPLIS is a relatively complex system, but it covers many needs of both government and the private sector. We recognize the current need to focus on cadastre as part of Land Market Action Plan. The Government of Albania has begun planning for the future as the needs for an MPLIS are increasing and the free trade economy is making such a system economically feasible. Therefore, we suggest the development of an MPLIS for Albania.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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