Plot Exchange, civil and tax aspects : where are the limits?

Jeroen Rheinfeld

Plot exchange, the exchange of real estate outside the urban area, deserves to be further researched and elucidated from various sides. It is only possible to get an idea of the legal complexity, diversity and extensive application possibilities of the land use instrument when plot exchange is considered from various perspectives such as civil law, tax and international. As one of the fruits of this research, the ?land readjustment? proves that one should not only look at the agricultural sector and the rural area. The land readjustment, the urban match for the plot exchange, is not the main focus of the thesis, as this instrument does not (yet) have a legal basis in the Netherlands, whereas the plot exchange has a long and captivating legal history.

Event: Symposium on Land Consolidation and Readjustment for Sustainable Development

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