Public and state land management in Hungary

Ossko, Andras

Land matters have been always played important role in the Hungarian history not economically only but emotionally as well. After the World War II the majority of agricultural land and other properties have been nationalized and during the communist period between 1950-1990 the state remained the main owner. Concerning agricultural land the communist state forced individual farmers to form large scale co-operatives and also established big state owned farms. At the beginning of 1990s, after political changes, large scale of land privatization was achieved. As the result of land privatization, 77% of agric land became private but 23% is still state property. A state organization the National Land Fund (NLF) was established in 2002 aiming to manage and utilize the state owned agricultural land achieving the national land policy as well. The operation of NLF based on Act on NLF and other government decrees. Although there were some institutional and legal changes during the last ten years, the role and activities of NLF organization have been practically the same. Main activities of the National Land Fund: providing land for family farms, improving land leasing system, activating the land market, managing agricultural land, land consolidation, land banking.

Event: FIG Working Week 2012 : Territory, environment, and cultural heritage

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