Some issues to be taken into consideration while developing a NSDI in the Republic of Macedonia

Todorovski, Dimo

For most developed nations the problem today may be how to make their geoinformation applicable in a much more efficient way, share the geo-information via appropriately developed National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDI). In developing world, on contrary, the problems start with making geo-information available. At the same time these countries are confronting problems of accessibility and applicability - development of their NSDIIs. Experiences from other countries could be very useful and they could be utilized when developing NSDI for a particular country, in the case of the Republic of Macedonia too. It is recommendable not to work in isolation, share the knowledge and experience and learn from each other. This would result with not inventing a wheell for the second time, avoiding repetition of the same mistakes and development of better NSDI. From the lessons learned from countries that already developed their NSDI but also from the scientific gatherings where the NSDI topic is observed, explored and discussed, the following issues is recommendable to be taken into consideration: problems when introduce the concept of sharing spatial data, difficulties when exchanging data between databases, types of heterogeneity, workflow and workflow management, etc. Finally this paper concludes that being aware of the issues above could be useful while developing a strategy for development of NSDI in the Republic of Macedonia, an implementation plan should have them included and task force appointed for implementation of NSDI should be familiar with them but also they should be taught with experiences, examples how other countries tackled solving the mentioned problems.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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