Spatial data for better government of large cities : Bulgarian case

Nikolova, Maria

The development of new data, approaches, and spatial analysis tools and data collection methods over the past years has revolutionized the process of governance the large cities. The usage of spatial data helps in researching the milestones in cityys government. Innovations in public administration are expressed as delivering new public services and improving the existing. Internet-based GIS enable any department of the public organization to extend the services for citizens and business without time and distance limitation. Government of the cities is dependable and correlated with the size of municipalities, with their geographical location. The application of integrated data from GIS and satellite data is demonstrated in examples for crisis management in Bulgaria. Researched examples cover GIS help in the situation with a forest fire, monitoring of snow cover on the territory of Bulgaria and explosion in the military section near Sofia.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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