Spatial data infrastrcuture for real estate administration based on satellite data

Izeiroski, Subija et al.

This paper explores the methodology for creating a model of integrated RS/GIS system for administration of urban geospatial data connected to attribute data. The main objective of such kind of RS/GIS system is efficiently to manage and query the geospatial data connected with attribute tables. The main goal of this paper is to be created an easy to use integrated RS/GIS system for managing of real estate data and to be made also an efficient decision making system regarding such kind of issues. The proposed modelling approach is illustrated using a case study. The study area is an urban settlement in the city of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. The mentioned urban settlement consists of about 260 parcels with constructed individual objects on them. An existing and scanned old map in raster format of the urban settlement and a preprocessed Google Earth mosaicing raster image have been used as a raw data for developping of the proposed GIS. Both of them have been digitized (vectorized) with the open source RS/GIS software ILWIS. The digitized geospatial data represent polygons of parcels and objects built on them. The obtained data of parcels and objects are represented with polygons, segments and labeled points, and all of them are connected with two attribute tables with alphanumerical informations of parcels and objects in an unique SDI database. After completing of spatial data infrastructure of the setlement it is obtained a comprehensive GIS application which is ready to use as a practical tool for easy and visually effective representing of urban data . After completing, the GIS application is rendered on the Internet in order to be accessible for public use. This has been done with the aim of Map Server. It was used Map Server for Windows (MS4W) for this purpouse. With the Map Server have been created map images with use of CGI script using the geospatial data and attribute tables of the application. The application was set on the local host on the WEB in order to show how it works.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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