Spatial information management and the current rapid processes of urbanization

Doytscher, Yerach et al.

The goal of this research is to investigate the emerging needs, the current trends and the extent of using SDIs in selected megacities, but also to identify the emerging possibilities for using new technical tools for the governance of sustainable large urban areas applied by the surveyingmapping- data processing community. The methodology followed includes experience gained through a four year review of existing relevant publications about the problems created in the worldds urban centres due to rapid urbanization, the SDI developments and other technological innovative achievements relevant to spatial data collection in urban areas, and Internet research on existing SDIs. A questionnaire was compiled and distributed in several administrators of most megacities and in parallel on site visits took place to a selected number of them in order to collect further information by interviews with individual decision makers in city administrations. An in-depth investigation was made on the problems addressed and the policies and practices applied by the master plan of Paris. A review and assessment of data derived both from questionnaires, interviews and all other sources was made, and the conclusions and proposals are presented.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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