The cadastre of rural immovables in Brazil as a juridical base for guarantee of the property

Pessanha, R.R.

Brazilian Decree nn 4.449 of October 30, 2002 that regulates the Law nn 10.267, by means of the article 9th, establishes that in the descriptive memorial there should be the denomination and the identification of the rural properties, for division subjects and dismemberment, and also the coordinates of the vertexes that define the boundary of the property referenced to the Brazilian Geodesic System (SGB). In the term of the law that treats of the identification of the property referenced to SGB there is a great concern to the applicability as to the efficiency of the judicial demand of the presentation of the memorial. In the geodesic surveying involved in the demarcation process the plans of the demarcation line, the coordinates of the pass points and the descriptive memorial these points characterization and of natural beings are determined. In the cadastral surveying it is necessary to define the portions of the land and to assure evidences for the re-establishment of the boundaries in case of a demarcation action. The boundaries of the rural portions are defined for stable marks, that can be natural or artificial frequently described by means of directions (or azimuths), distances, and coordinates. The technical demands of the demarcation and deboundarisation of the portions of the properties should be compatible with the costs of the surveying. In a municipal district that doesnnt possess a structure of reference marks they should be implanted with geodesic characteristics. Now, the GPS positioning techniques allow the fast and necessary execution of the surveying, with relatively low cost.

Event: 2nd Cadastral Congress

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