The notarial role in interconnected land governance

Pauline Malaplate, Frederic Varin

Every minute, around 300.000 tweets, 15 million texts, 20 million emails are sent around the world, ten hours of video are uploaded on YouTube and 250 Go of data are archived on Facebook servers. Consequently, thanks to the use of algorithms, new tools will make this service more and more efficient. This is one of the major challenges facing the French notary service. Recent history shows that the partnership between the professional and State land tenure services, which have worked together for more than 10 years, offers a good and reliable service to citizens, guaranteeing security and efficiency. Today’s digitalization of the procedures, such as dealing with land registry or client transactions related to the transfer of ownership, envisage a ‘paperless’ future. The dedicated and automated access to real estate files by the notaires in France is imminent. A turning point has come in digitalized exchanges between state services and French notary.

Event: Land Governance in an Interconnected World_Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty_2018

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