Using and exchanging spatial data through GIS web services

Petrusevski, Lazo et al.

This paper shall explain the use and exchange of spatial data via the GIS web services, implemented in the GIS project of the City of Skopje Phase 2. In the high-speed development of the information era, the key to whether the government or some other organization can react promptly and adequately to an economic development, any kind of natural disaster, an pollution issue with the environment and etc, is the rapid acquiring of necessary information, especially the acquirement of spatial information. A modern and efficient solution to this problem is the use of a Web Service, based on an object/component model. The Web Service can be published, located and called dynamically through the Web. As soon as one Web Service is being configured, other application program, including other Web Service can discover and call this Web Service.

Event: International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructure 2010

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