Womenns leadership of land tenure and conflict resolution in Colombia

Provash Budden & Hugo Gomez

The US-based international non-government organization, Mercy Corps and its local Afro-Colombian Council partners in Choco, Colombia have spent over five years implementing women-led land formalization and conflict resolution programs. Mercy Corps believes that community-driven administration of land tenure is not only more efficient than top down services from the national government but more importantly places decision making in the hands of land owners, namely women, who provide leadership to mitigate and resolve territorial disputes that have been the key driver of conflict for over 50 years in Colombia. The Theory of Change is that women who develop and exercise effective leadership skills will take on leadership roles in more gender-equitable and sustainable development outcomes. Mercy Corps has received support from US, European and private donors to promote womenns leadership in land tenure, including significant support from USAID and specific funding from the USAIDDs Gender Equality and Womenns Empowerment office. Mercy Corps aims to promote further evidence that supports USAID1 and other donor policies that emphasize the critical role women play in managing land use and property rights and providing leadership to conflict resolution.

Event: Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty : Integrating Land Governance into the Post-2015 Agenda : Harnassing Synergies for Implementation and Monitoring Impact

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